You will definitely choose from our wide offer. Towels, bath-towels and bathrobes of VEBA are manufactured from the top combed yarn and they provide pleasant softness and absorbtion. We insist on top quality materials respecting health harmlessness – both our towels and bath-towels have the QZ certification Öko-Tex of class I, which guarantees that the product has passed the most demanding testing and is also suitable for children under 3 years of age.


GRAND are terry products of the highest quality made of combed yarn.

TERRY is a new luxury kind of terry products produced by the most modern technology which gives them a fluffy look, great feeling on touch and high absorbtion. SUPER SOFT is featured by superior softness, lightness and absorbtion.

Series of JUVEL is exceptionally soft and has great absorbtion features thanks to a special production technology with a wet finishing of terry. Its effect of loops of different height enables the bath-towels to give you a feeling of a massage.


Choose from our high quality terry in a wide range of colours - NORA, COMFORT, RUJANA.

Our beach terry bath-towels, e.g. RIVIERA, are available in wide range of colours and sizes. The stability of colour during the exposition to the sun and sea water is guaranteed.

Special kinds of textiles:

PROWELL is a new terry textile, which absorbs water very effectivelly, it is also able to keep you warm and dry. It combines two different materials – cotton and synthetic yarn. Thanks to this combination the reverse side which gets into contact with your skin takes the moisture out of your body and moves it to the front side of the loop textile.

WATER combines the advantages of waffle and terry. You can use one side of the towel to dry your body with a soft and absorbent terry, the other side has massage features.

NATURAL COTTON is made of the highest quality cotton without using any chemical finishing.